Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Craig Yoe interviews Tom Heintjes, Hogan's Alley Editor

Arflovers � Blog Archive - Arf Lovers High Fives Tom Heintjes of Hogan’s Alley!: "Tom Heintjes is the editor of the absolutely wonderful comics magazine, Hogan’s Alley. HA covers both old skool and contemporary cartooning and always does so with an terrific entertaining and lively flair. Both the writing and design in Hogan’s is top notch. I always wanted to find out a little more about the talent behind HA so I talked the usually shy and modest Heintjes into a little self-revelation via an Arf Lover’s Blog Gimme Five!"

Tom is a great guy and produces a fantastic magazine. Disclaimer: I help him proofread it.


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