Friday, November 16, 2007

Allred on Next Issue Project - Newsarama

MIKE ALLRED TALKS REVIVING STARDUST FOR THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT - NEWSARAMA: "The Golden Age of Comics created such characters as Superman, Batman and Captain America…and hundreds if not thousands of other characters of all genres who filled out the 64-page books of the time. While some are still around today, many were gone after just one appearance. Until now. In December, Image will release the first volume of The Next Issue Project, a new anthology dedicated to literally picking up where the Golden Age left off. Here, modern-day creators offer their own takes on the strangest, coolest, most downright crazy characters of the 1940s. We got to chat with a couple of the contributors to volume one, Fantastic Comics #24. First up is Madman auteur Mike Allred, who teams with Image’s Joe Keatinge to revive Fletcher Hanks. What happens when the man behind Madman is let loose on one of comics’ most insane creations? Read on to find out. "


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