Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TCR: Spurgeon on Reagan's comics reading

The Comics Reporter: "Ronald Reagan once scared the crap out of me in a comics-related fashion. He was appearing on a presidents-meets-kids television special and one of the kids asked him what part of the newspaper he read first, and the Gipper said the comics page. I thought this was very cute, and then Reagan accurately described the storyline to that month's Amazing Spider-Man. Although my heart has softened since then when it comes to adults taking time for the funny pages, teenaged me was convinced this made President Reagan a total idiot, and that our lives had been in the hands of someone likely to be thinking about Dr. Doom instead of whatever information was necessary to decide whether or not to bomb Russia.

Anyway, there's a cute snippet in the 11th graph of this piece about Reagan's diaries involving a phone call to Berke Breathed in 1985 that I won't ruin for the article writer by copying and pasting here. It's worth a peek. "


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