Friday, June 01, 2007

Huffingtonpost: Secrets behind its success | Chicago Tribune

Huffingtonpost: Secrets behind its success | Chicago Tribune: "Eschewing the increasingly out-of-favor front page of a thousand links, the HuffPo ( has removed all the twigs and branches it had lying around, moving from a catchall to a catch-the-eye approach.

With a clean look that displays ads rather than letting them dominate, it has broken its content down to five very newspaperesque sections, including News, Politics and the redundantly titled Living Now. (Why not just call it 'Living Life Today' and make it spectacularly redundant?)

A sort of new-world paper named for a celebrity rather than a city, the Post is the brainchild of political talk-show regular Arianna Huffington and former AOL Time Warner executive Kenneth Lerer. And it has done what many thought was difficult-to-impossible at this stage in Webdom: catapulted to the top in two years."


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