Friday, May 25, 2007

Michael Chabon in Atlanta

Michael Chabon's book tour ran through Atlanta last night, and he attracted a packed crowd at the Buckhead Barnes & Noble.

Because he had some time before the signing, we were able to grab some BBQ at a nearby restaurant, One Star Barbecue in Buckhead (that's me and him at the restaurant). Yes, Michael is a BBQ hound.

Michael is a great guy and has been a good friend over the years ever since he was researching Kavalier & Clay and asked me (we were both members of a Jack Kirby email list) to review his manuscript for any egregious comics-related inaccuracies (because I was already a fan of his work, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Wonder Boys).

So I finally have my autographed copy of The Yiddish Policemen's Union and can dig in!


At 9:10 AM , Blogger Beth said...

You lucky, lucky man! I've been a Chabon fan since 1988 ... and, yes, I was at B&N last night.


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