Thursday, May 03, 2007

AJC: New Coke museum features Warhol art

THE NEW WORLD OF COCA-COLA: Ahhh. Pop culture refreshes: You can't beat the art thing when Andy Warhol's works go on display at Atlanta's latest museum. | "Nobody defined the heights of popular culture like Andy Warhol.

And perhaps no commercial product has claimed the summit of popularity as firmly as Coca-Cola.

They came together in Warhol's art. Now they'll be together in the new World of Coca-Cola.

Workers at the downtown attraction, set to open May 24 next to the Georgia Aquarium, on Wednesday hung the museum's first exhibit of art Warhol created to celebrate the nation's iconic soft drink. The works are on loan from the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh through next May.

The Warhol exhibit is part of the museum's new pop culture room —- a showcase of works from Norman Rockwell's take on the company to Coke-inspired Tiffany-style lamps to the red couch from TV favorite 'American Idol.' The room includes an expanded collection of Haddon Sunbloom's famous images of Santa Claus consuming Coke."


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