Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Katie Couric Trouble - HuffPo

Eat The Press | More Katie Couric Trouble: Updates Notebook Again After Spreading Debunked Obama Rumor | The Huffington Post Rachel Sklar: "It almost seems like it can't be possible, yet it is — there's another problem on Katie Couric's 'Couric & Co.' blog, and it's not minor. Last week, one of her producers was busted for plagiarizing a Wall Street Journal essay for one of her 'Notebook' dispatches, where she prattled on gaily about her memories of her first library card. Er, oops. This time, CBS has egg on their face about another 'Notebook' entry — one which resurrected the Barack Obama madrassa rumor, that had been thoroughly, totally debunked in January. It's April."


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