Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Daily Kos: O'Reilly on to vast left-wing conspiracy

Daily Kos: O'Reilly on to vast left-wing conspiracy: "In a lengthy opening diatribe, this evening Bill O'Reilly laid out the far-left George Soros conspiracy in spades.

He had a chart and everything.

... in a nutshell:

George Soros funds the Open Society Institute, the Democracy Alliance, MoveOn.org, and the Center For American Progress. And all four of these insanely powerful and nefarious organizations fund 'millions' to...

Media Matters for America, of course. The group's purpose, according to O'Reilly, is to take people's comments and 'distort them.' Media Matters is vile and, yes, they will come after not only their targets (i.e., anyone whom George Soros decides to go after, be they a Republican or a 'naughty' Democrat like that angel of mercy, Joe Lieberman), but after their targets' families!"

This is laughable! And where is the "fair and balanced" part of the discussion? Do watch the video.


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