Friday, April 20, 2007

Bush muses on marriage, chicken-plucking factories

Bush muses on marriage, chicken-plucking factories - AP via The Huffington Post: "Strange things sometimes come out of President Bush's mouth. 'Polls just go poof.' 'Remember the rug?'

When Bush went to Ohio on Thursday to talk about terrorism, he ended up musing about marriage and chicken-plucking plants, the agony of death and his Oval Office rug, which resembles a sunburst.

About his legacy, Bush said historians are still assessing George Washington, the nation's first leader. 'My attitude is, if they're still writing about (number) one, 43 doesn't need to worry about it.'

On being married: 'A good marriage is really good after serving together in Washington, D.C.'

Maybe the president just felt like jabbering at the town hall-style event in Tipp City, Ohio. He began talking about terrorism and ended 90 minutes later after chattering about everything from life after the White House to Vietnam War and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.

Some highlights..."


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