Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Americablog: McCain's Iraq delusions continue

McCain's Iraq delusions, Part II - AMERICAblog: "Last week, CNN's Michael Ware challenged John McCain's unsubstantiated assertion that there were multiple neighborhoods in Baghdad where Americans could take a walk without any security at all. Ware, who is in Baghdad, explained that McCain was flat-out wrong. That, of course, set Ware up for a typical Republican smear campaign from all the right-wingers, comfortably safe here in the U.S. Almost on cue, Republican activist Matt Drudge launched the first salvo, claiming that Ware went crazy at McCain's Baghdad press conference, and that the CNN reporter actually heckled the good Senator.

Only problem? The video of the press conference (link below) shows Ware sitting quietly and politely the entire time. Oops. Maybe in John McCain's mind that's what happened."

I thought the story about Ware, who has been a tough reporter, heckling and laughing at McCain in Baghdad was a bit odd. I think I read it on Drudge. Turns out it's fictional spin, according to the videotape. Americablog has transcripts and links.


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