Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo email service to remove storage limits

Daily Briefing - "Yahoo Inc.'s free e-mail service will provide unlimited storage space to its nearly 250 million users worldwide —- a concept that seemed unfathomable just a few years ago. The move will trump its two largest rivals in free e-mail, Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc., which currently provide 2 gigabytes and 2.8 gigabytes of free storage, respectively. Yahoo's e-mail users currently get 1 gigabyte of storage. Yahoo plans to gradually lift all space constraints in May, but it will take several months before all of Yahoo's e-mail users have infinite storage space. Time Warner Inc.'s AOL, the fourth-largest e-mail provider, began offering unlimited storage for free last summer. But Yahoo's e-mail service is nearly five times larger than AOL's."

Wonder if other services will follow suit?


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